Data Security – A Platform vs Tools


As recent security incidents such as NotPetya, Wannacry and seemingly never ending data breach reports have shown, data security isn’t getting easier.  And it’s not because of a lack of effort.

Infosec Is Just Getting More Complex.

New internal and external services are being added constantly, and each service requires management.  It seems today you need everything from data classification, to auditing, to risk management, to PAM, and to archiving in order to stay compliant and secure.  These applications and services are challenging enough to run smoothly, and at times accompanied by a truckload of complex regulatory or legislative requirements.

So how does one do more with less?  And start to deal with these issues at a fundamental level instead of playing “Whack-A-Mole” with the security of each new product or service?

Introducing the Varonis Data Security Platform.

The Varonis Data Security platform solves many of these challenges with a more unified, integrated solution that allows security professionals to:

  • Monitor and analyze file activity and user behaviour
  • Discover overexposed sensitive data
  • Detect unusual behavior on the network (regardless of user or application)
  • Easily model and optimize permissions on your network
  • Detect unneeded access and unused data that can increase your vulnerability

All of which lets you do things like:

  • Investigate suspicious users
  • Automatically react to anything behaving like ransomware
  • Alert on permissions changes or unusual access to sensitive data
  • Automate reporting and auditing

See how all of this comes together in a quick three minute overview of the Varonis Data Security Platform.


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