​​... vulnerability scanners need to stay current with the evolution of IT environments; think all the changes in corporate networks in the past 20 years due to virtualization, mobility, cloud, containers and others.  (Gartner)

Privileged access is a major focus for security and I&O leaders looking to prevent and detect breaches, maintain individual accountability, and increase operational efficiency. Products are consolidating around two major patterns: managing privileged passwords and delegating privileged actions.
​Vulnerability Management

​Context Aware Vulnerability Management

​Management of vulnerabilities within an environment is often a challenge.  From our ​vantage there are two key tech elements, namely:

  • The process to identify vulerabilities, prioritise their remediation, and then patch (etc) as required.
  • The ability to understand how current vulnerabilites are able to be exploited - and ​methods to counteract these attacks.

​Partnering with BeyondTrust (Retina) and Core Security (Core Impact) - ​with Trusted Impact from a 'human' side - allows us to offer a complete solution around the management of vulnerabilities in any environment.

​Core Impact: Lateral Movement / Credential Capture

​Retina: Prioritise Threats and Communicate Risk

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