​​... most significantly for the evolution of the user authentication market, many AM vendors embed phone-as-a-token methods and more, rivaling the capability of some mainstream vendors.  These are increasingly viable alternatives to stand-alone user authentication products and services for cloud-first enterprises.  (Gartner)

Privileged access is a major focus for security and I&O leaders looking to prevent and detect breaches, maintain individual accountability, and increase operational efficiency. Products are consolidating around two major patterns: managing privileged passwords and delegating privileged actions.
​Strong Authentication (​MFA / 2FA)

​Multi-Factor Authentication - Fitting Technology to Unique Requirements (and Budgets)

​A basic MFA explanation courtesy of WatchGuard

​Passwords have been 'dead' - for about the past 20 years.  But they still exist - almost everywhere.  Multi-factor authentication has been around for a long while.  But today, there are many choices available - almost as many as use cases.

​When selecting an MFA approach, consideration should be made around areas such as user and client experience.  And of course the total cost of ownership given the usage requirements and context.  What is the mix between B2B, B2C, and transaction authentication, for example.

Take a look at SecurEnvoy (convenient B2B and B2C authentication) and Authy (B2C - particularly in an app environment) for some ideas on how they ​address the problem.  And we're happy to work with you to find an approach that works for your situation - just ask!

​SecurEnvoy - the Modern Alternative to Tokens

​Authy - How to Setup 2FA in 5 Minutes

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