Increased Efficiency in PowerBroker for Windows 7.5


(BeyondTrust, May 2018)  BeyondTrust has released PowerBroker for Windows 7.5, which features several enhancements around user behaviour monitoring, user-based rules and policy, and third-party integration.  The result is unmatched visibility and control over physical and virtual desktops and servers.  Some of the highlights are as follows.

Policy Accelerator Allows Speedy Rule Building for Processes Which Require Privilege Elevation

The discovery, creation, and testing of policy for usage within an organisation can be challenging.  PowerBroker for Windows (PBW) version 7.5 allows the speedy identification of app launches and elevation requirements, incorporating testing and saving required rules.  This new ability allows customers to evaluate privileges and see value faster, even in disconnected environments. Here’s a brief video on how Policy Accelerator works.

Support for Windows 10 April Update 2018 (1803)

PBW v7.5 also now supports Microsoft Windows 10 April Update 2018, allowing IT admins to remain up to date on the latest Windows OS.  This compatibility update demonstrates BeyondTrust’s commitment to staying in lockstep with the Microsoft community.

Ensure Consistency with Enhanced Diagnostics

IT support staff are tasked with ensuring the software under care is configured correctly.  In doing so, approaches like using Regedit, and subsequent navigation to various keys, or the file system, and navigation to various paths – just to answer a simple question like whether something is on or off.  PowerBroker for Windows version 7.5 shows a consolidated dashboard so that an  administrator can quickly pinpoint areas that need troubleshooting.  It also reduces the number of places where an IT administrator needs to look to validate whether software applications are running as expected.  The new feature saves time and ensures consistency across the environment.

PBW Diagnostics

 Enhanced diagnostics in PBW 7.5 saves time and ensures consistency. 

Ensure Security on Scripts with Signature Based PowerShell Rules

Many of us use scripts to manage IT processes.  At times these scripts require elevation, but are stored in a file location that many users have access to.  This creates the possibility that a script could be changed and potentially used as a privileged attack vector.  PowerBroker for Windows version 7.5 now allows companies to create a Publisher rule to target these scripts.  Using this approach, if that script is changed, the signature is no longer valid.  And with the signature no longer valid, the rule can no longer be triggered.

For a complete demonstration of these new features and even more enhancements not mentioned here, read the new features document. And if you have any questions or would like a personalized demo, contact us today

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