How a Payment Processor Improved Vulnerability Management and IT Decisions



(Matt Miller – June 2016)  With over 1,500 customers, Debitsuccess, a third-party payment processor and part of the Transaction Services Group, is responsible for securely handling more than 22 million transactions annually. As a growing company undergoing a digital transformation–in a highly regulated industry, furthering its vulnerability and patch management capabilities was a huge priority.

Debitsuccess evaluated the leading vulnerability management solutions, based on the following criteria:

  • Strong vulnerability discovery capabilities
  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced visibility to help prioritize IT risk management decisions
  • Risk remediation—with clear visibility into how vulnerabilities were fixed
  • Ability to configure how and when remediation is done
  • Easily integrates with existing infrastructure

One year after Debitsuccess implemented BeyondTrust’s Retina CS, they hired outside pen testing experts to evaluate their security posture.


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“The company performing the pen test reported back to us that Debitsuccess was one of the best companies they’d seen as far as being up-to-date from a patching perspective—and a key part of that result is attributable to the BeyondTrust solution we’ve implemented.” David Kennedy, CIO of Transaction Services Group

Read the full success story and discover why Debitsuccess chose Retina CS to manage their vulnerabilities, and how the solution not only vastly improved their ability to discover hidden threats, prioritize their most critical vulnerabilities and slash remediation times, but is also helping them make smarter business and IT decisions.


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