Twilio allows developers to add messaging, voice, video and authentication to software in your preferred programming language.  Authy is a standalone or Google Authenticator replacement, featuring secure cloud backup and multi device support.

Twilio and Authy

Add messaging, voice, video and authentication into your apps using you current programming language

We 'got into' Twilio because of our ongoing quest to replace passwords with simple, strong authentication .

And their Authy technology does just that.  As a simple way to add multi-factor authentication to applications.

But digging deeper we started to see the wider benefits within Twilio.  The capacity to easily and securely 'bolt on' SMS, video and voice communication tools to applications.

And all via an API easily integrated via many programming languages, and with a pay as you go model that scales with demand.

  • TWILIO Voice
  • TWILIO - OTHER Tools

Building blocks to add messaging, voice, video and security into your web and mobile applications

Whilst the tabs left introduce the key components of the Twilio 'range', there is plenty more to investigate.   It really is an 'innovator friendly" platform that provides the comms and authentication piece in a simple, cost-effective and scalable manner.

An screenshot from the Twilio website detailing some of what's available is shown below - or you could always just take a peek at Twilio for yourself!