As the original inventors of tokenless authentication, SecurEnvoy's goal is to continue to design innovative solutions that take advantage of the user's mobile phones or other personal device as the "something you own" part of two factor authentication.  And in the process, resolve issues that have prevented their adoption such as SMS delays, security concerns, lack of phone signal or synchronisation problems.


SecurEnvoy - Authenticate.  Your Way.

SecurEnvoy's innovative approach to the Tokenless® market now sees thousands of users benefitting from their solutions worldwide. 

Customers benefit from speedy deployment, featuring a a zero footprint approach.  Administrators can deploy up to 100,000 users per hour.

SecurEnvoy's design philosophy is based on re-using existing technology investments such as Microsoft AD, simplifying the end user authentication experience while enhancing the overall security posture.

Without token manufacturing costs, the ROI becomes much more acceptable to organisations, and  the environmentally benefits of a zero carbon footprint also attract responsible purchasers.

Who is SecurEnvoy?  Watch the 65 Second Video ...

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Putting the User in Control

SecurEnvoy's philosophy is that users should be able to choose any personal device to be their authentication token - whether it’s their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even their desk phone.

And users should be able to seamlessly move their single identity between these devices without leaving "an identity" behind on obsolete technology.

Authentication options include SMS, soft token app and One Swipe Offline.  For more information around the options, take a quick look at the video or jump onto the SecurEnvoy website.