​SecureAuth is focused on solving the​ number 1 problem in cybersecurity: ​eliminating ​identity-​related ​breaches. 


Threat Detection and Vulnerability Management

Match exploits to vulnerabilities, and simulate the sort of attacks that can leverage them.

​SecureAuth have a comprehensive set of vulnerability management solutions that work by simulating and validating what an adversary would do to reach your most critical business assets.

Deliver actionable information about known and unknown threats, regardless of source, entry vector or OS.

Core Network Insight functions as an advanced threat detection system built on scientific research and big data visibility. It automatically and accurately identifies hidden infections from live traffic in real time. When a device is confirmed as infected by an APT or malware, Core Network Insight terminates criminal communications and presents a full case of evidence, prioritized by risk. Thus greatly reducing false positives.

  • Core Vulnerability Insight

Unified platform for advanced detection and response

Core Vulnerability Insight (previously Core Insight) unifies, regulates, and prioritises vulnerability management efforts across the organisatione. Consolidating multiple vulnerability scans across vendors, then matching known exploits and simulating attacks, enables you to concentrate on the most vulnerable elements within your environment .

Core Vulnerability Insight