​SecureAuth’s risk-based checks are peerless.  Context around authentication means you know more about your users.  And with security, more user context means less user friction.


SecureAuth - Adaptive Authentication

​Why should you need to choose between sophisticated security and user convenience?

​SecureAuth had a single goal when creating smart authentication for organisations with complex environments.  To transform security into a business-enabler rather than a source of friction. 

​Security that minimises user disruptions.

​Adaptive authentication provides additional security without impacting usability.  ​Risk checks take place automatically without users even being aware.  Multi-factor authentication is only required if risks are detected.


The SecureAuth® Identity Platform analyzes multiple factors of ​the authentication request – including device, location, IP address, and behaviour.  It uses this context to determine the legitimacy of every login attempt, thwart attacks in process, and prevent your organisation from becoming the next breach headline.

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