imprivata_logowebImprivata® OneSign™ is an appliance that delivers enterprise single sign-on (SSO), manages authentication including in a VDI environment.  The OneSign system is able to secure desktops, networks and applications via single sign-on to web, terminal, java and client/server applications.

Imprivata’s OneSign appliance delivers authenticated access management to solve the complex problems of managing employee identities, whilst strengthening corporate security and achieving regulatory compliance.

Whilst OneSign is particularly suited to the healthcare, financial and utility / government sectors, it benefits organizations of all sizes by:

  • Increasing security and replacing Windows passwords with a range of strong authentication options
  • Quickly and effectively solving password management and user access issues via SSO
  • Unifying enterprise security management by integrating network and building access systems

Imprivata makes authentication and access management easy and affordable through innovative technology that improves security and compliance, without sacrificing convenience.