Complimentary ​Express Risk Assessment

There are two key aspects ​that allow for effective data protection .  
T​he first is a knowledge of what your sensitive data is, and where it ​resides.  The second is an understanding of ​who has access to it - and the easiest ways that data can be ​compromised or exposed. 

​Without this visibility stems significant risk from external and internal threats.  In conjunction with Varonis, our Express Risk Assessment is currently complementary* for a limited time.  We‘ll outline your problem areas, prioritise risk, and provide concrete steps that will improve your security posture.

​How we do it:
​CoreSight and Varonis engineers assess the security of your unstructured data by collecting and analysing metadata from your environment (file servers, NAS, AD, SharePoint, Exchange and so on).

​​What you get:
​After the assessment, we will present a comprehensive report identifying high risk areas, exposed sensitive data, out of control processes, and more.  We'll highlight weaknesses in order of risk, and provide actionable recommendations.  You’ll see where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and understand high-impact remediation ​options available

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Please enter your business email and we'll immediately send the requirements to run this complimentary data risk assessment - as well as an example report.

​* This data risk assessment is complementary subject to the requesting organisation's ability to meet business and technical requirements.  These are detailed in the next step after requesting to schedule a Data Risk Assessment via the above form.  Additionally, any objective security consultant review or recommendation work is chargeable - but requires explicit consent (including purchase order) via the requesting organisation.