Forrester Wave – BeyondTrust a Vulnerability Management Leader

(March 2018)  BeyondTrust announced their placement as a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q1 2018 report.

We would like to share a complimentary copy of this research report with you, so you can benefit from the depth of Forrester’s market and vendor analysis.

What is The Forrester Wave?

The Forrester Wave is an evaluation of vendors in the software, hardware, or services markets, driven by the analysis of data collected from the marketplace. In this report Forrester analysts researched and assessed each of the 12 providers across 22 criteria. The report provides IT security and risk professionals with deep insights into identifying which vendor(s) best meets their needs.

How BeyondTrust was Evaluated

To be included in this Forrester Wave, providers needed to demonstrate:  remediation prioritisation based on threat intelligence, enterprise level experience and significant visibility within Forrester clients.  This Forester Wave evaluated BeyondTrust with the highest possible scores for the following criteria:


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  • Endpoint Agent Integration
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Product Roadmap

BeyondTrust believe that these results highlight three of its core differentiators – as follows.


The report states, “BeyondTrust supports a robust set of features at an incredible price point.”  An,d “If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for scanning your infrastructure with risk and compliance reporting, this is an excellent choice.”

BeyondTrust has long delivered the great value and tremendous ROI, and they believe this report validates that.


The report mentions, “The asset management and reporting capabilities of the BeyondInsight product differentiate by giving customers a holistic view of the security posture of all the groups within the organisation; the service-level agreement (SLA) reporting even has an email subscription capability so stakeholders can have regular updates without logging into the dashboard.”

Unless delivered in a consumable way that quickly enables security leaders and practitioners to make decisions, data is useless.  But information delivered via robust reporting is where value can be found.

Customer Focus

The report states, “Client feedback is positive with regard to BeyondTrust’s responsiveness to both feature requests and support issues, and professional services are available as needed.”  BeyondTrust actively engage with clients throughout the customer lifecycle.

Vulnerability management continues to be a fundamental security layer that spans on-premise, cloud and IoT systems.  Properly enabled vulnerability management mitigates risks to these assets by reducing attack surfaces, creating barriers to lateral movement, and via proactive threat detection.  These capabilities are directly built-in to the Retina enterprise vulnerability management platform.

What This Leadership Placement Means

As a Retina customer (or considering Retina), you have chosen a solution that delivers tremendous value for the price.  And one that has a, well-developed, visionary  roadmap to meet tomorrow’s vulnerability and risk management needs.

As a PowerBroker customer (or if you are considering PowerBroker to address PAM challenges), you might be aware that Retina provides the foundation for the threat analytics capabilities in the PowerBroker platform, BeyondInsight.  Retina also informs PowerBroker privilege management decisions by way of patented integration. With integrations and a rich roadmap including multiple connectors to third-party systems, BeyondTrust delivers cutting edge privileged threat analytics.

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