Don’t Settle for Partial Security Solutions

SecuPi Blueprint

SecuPi BlueprintBy Alon Rosenthal – For too long, marketing professionals have set the message for the “next big thing” in security, and it is always around some type of attack that only their product can protect against – from SQL injection to APT. As a result, security solutions have become reactive and defragmented rather than preventative and synergistic.

My rule of thumb to detect such a partial solution is by asking, are you protecting against hackers or malicious insiders?

An answer that the tool protects one of these means that they lack context and intelligence, resulting in just another point solution that will quickly become obsolete.

The “A” type hackers easily camouflage themselves as insiders using identity hijacking and application login credential theft with sophisticated malware and exploits available for the price of a movie ticket.

This is why at SecuPi we have built our solution from the ground-up to protect “advanced” attacks from both hackers and malicious insiders with three layers:

  1. Real-time user activity monitoring and forensics
  2. Anomaly detection using behavior analytics and machine learning – providing the insight for applying instant response
  3. Dynamic masking, anonymizing, redacting or blocking the offender.

We also opened our solution to pull in and push out context from other sources, such as malware detection, IAM and SIEM thus improving the entire security ecosystem.

At SecuPi, we believe that security solutions should not protect from a certain attack vector or type. It should protect what is important – the data, from ALL types, including hackers AND malicious insiders.

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